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I am a producer/engineer from Birmingham, England, with a love for all things musical/sound related. As well as being primarily studio based I am also a musician, writing for multiple  bands across multiple genres. This helps me guide clients through the production process easily as I give feedback based from their POV.


Recording - 

Use the state-of-the-art live room, the best in audio recording gear and a vast range of backline for the ultimate experience in sonic quality and individualism.

Editing - 

Get your vocals tuned, drums tightened, phase corrected, samples in place, drums/guitars re-amped and foley/voice overs tightened.

Mixing - 

Bring the pieces of your project together and get the sound you want. I mix hybrid, utilising both outboard and digital plug-ins to bring the best out of mix projects.

Composition - 

I specialise in guitar based music and electronic music production. I can write music for all commercial purposes.


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