• Pre-production - The stage where ideas are discussed and a creative direction is established for the project.

  • Production - Taking control of the creative decisions that make up the final product.

  • Editing & Mixing - At this stage the recorded content will be further edited to create a tighter performance where needed and the project will be tidied up to make the mix process easier. The mix is where all the pieces of the puzzle are put together in a more coherent manner. More creative elements can be added.

  • Re-amps - Dry, direct guitar signals can be re-amplified through many of my pedal/amp/mic/preamp combinations to get a great, suitable guitar tone for your project. Drum parts can also be re-amped in the live room or sample replaced for a more pleasing drum tone.

  • I can engineer from YOUR studio - You may have your own studio at hand and you may prefer me to work from there for your project. No problem, simply contact me to inquire further.​

  • Mixing projects can be dealt with on a purely online basis where necessary. This makes the process easier for international clients.